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The explosion in online media, along with competition from 20 or so music-specific digital TV channels, was named as a primary factor for dropping its flagship music show. The show has faced ever-increasing competition from multimedia and niche musical outlets that enable viewers to consume music of their choice.

Watch 28 moves from the world’s greatest underground dance stars

In Atlanta, Georgia, there’s a whole crew of human robots. Rio de Janeiro’s martial artists are dancing in the street.
Osaka, Japan, has middle school pupils who perform back-breaking flips. Look close enough at any city across the world and you’ll find original dance styles thriving far away from the media limelight.
We’ve teamed up with dance video producers who’ve crossed the globe documenting emerging dance cultures — to take you on a tour of the latest moves rippling across the world.

These are the voices that continue to touch, console, inspire, and empower us

It’s been observed that pop-culture writers have a penchant for ranking anything and everything. We’re cited for spending countless hours trying to assess, sort, and file that which seems patently subjective or, far more damning, so beautiful, transcendent, or numinous as to be above slotting on a mere list.
No task as daunting as ranking the greatest singers of all time comes easily. Rubrics were made, remade, and subsequently trashed.

Have a vision. Where do you want to be? Dominic Grounsell

Story highlights

  • Government proclamations, concerning royal ceremonies, laws, taxes, public health, have been dubbed news since ancient times.
  • A media organisation should adapt to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by changing audience behaviour in our module entitled “Newsroom evolution from digital denial to digital first”.
  • According to some theories, “news” is whatever the news industry sells Journalism, broadly understood along the same lines.

The importance of social media in news production and news dissemination

  • The challenges and opportunities presented by social media

Social media is an increasingly disruptive force on the media landscape. It challenges traditional, mainstream media to reconsider how they operate.Social media often releases information about which mainstream media might not have been aware, and information that mainstream media might have tried to ignore.It can offer a wider, more diverse perspective on life than that covered by traditional media.

  • An empowered audience

A media organisation should adapt to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by changing audience behaviour in our module entitled “Newsroom evolution from digital denial to digital first”. Now we look at what a social media strategy could mean for a media organisation. But first, let’s look at how we got to this stage in media’s development.
The Empowered Audience and How it changed Publishing, Advertising and Business

  • Media evolution

The media is in a constant state of change, or at least it should be. Technological advances, leading to changing audience behaviour, resulting in altered attitudes to consuming and sharing news, which means that a media organisation can’t afford to stand still. Innovation is needed, but only if it makes business sense. There have been many stages of media evolution over the years, below we look at three. The “broadcast AT or publish AT” model, the “engage with on our terms” model, and the “participate in” model.

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